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7th Aug 2020

Episode 8 - Stephen Bradley

This week's guest is the fantastic screenwriter, film producer and director Stephen Bradley. The pair discuss the world of film making, cancer and telling stories as Stephen also does with his book Shooting and Cutting.

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About the Podcast

Life In A Bubble with Oliver Dingley
Life In A Bubble is a lifestyle/entertainment podcast hosted by Olympic diver Oliver Dingley. The show aims to explore the various challenges our guests have overcome on their quest to find personal growth and satisfaction in what they do.
The show’s format will focus on six photos from significant moments in the lives of the guest(s). Three photos will be from the guest and three picked by the host. These pictures could portray happy times and even sad times but together they’ll explore why those moments and the journeys behind them mean so much.

Our guests will be Irish people who have achieved great successes in their fields with stories to share about the trials and tribulations they faced.

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⭐BRAND NEW⭐Hosted by Olympic diver Oliver Dingley exploring the challenges our guests overcome to find personal growth & satisfaction in what they do.